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Finance & Insurance Products.

Pay for your new Mercedes-Benz truck in convenient, manageable instalments. Talk to one of the Keith Andrews team to discuss your options.

Mercedes-Benz Financial offers competitive interest rates, flexible contract terms, and efficient credit decision and documentation processes. Monthly, quarterly, and other instalment options are available to suit your budgetary and cash flow requirements (subject to credit acceptance).

With Mercedes-Benz Financial, you can finance your Mercedes-Benz truck at a fixed interest rate, with no additional costs and no account-keeping fees. Our goal at Keith Andrews is to make this process as simple as possible and help you find a finance package that fits your unique business needs.

Our loan options include:

Business Credit Agreement: When owning a business asset is important to you.

Business Lease Agreement: When you want flexibility with your commercial vehicle lease.

Primeline: A Revolving Credit Facility for businesses with a fleet of vehicles.


Added peace of mind.

When it comes to insurance, we've got you covered. Mercedes-Benz truck insurance policies can be tailored to perfectly align to your business needs and those of your company. 

Our innovative truck insurance solutions have been designed to provide the whole range of insurance services needed by owner-operators and major fleet operators. Each Mercedes-Benz Insurance product has been created to deliver superior performance, reliability and value for money. Cover is arranged via New Zealand’s largest Insurance Broker (AON New Zealand) with countrywide coverage.

    Mercedes-Benz truck finance

    Standard Financing.

    Standard Financing = variable deposit + fixed monthly payments.

    Standard Financing is the quickest and easiest way to get your new Mercedes-Benz truck to work in your business – and to stay on top of your finances. Base your calculations on transparent costs right from the start. On payment of the final instalment, the truck belongs to you.

    Variable deposit and fixed monthly repayments.
    Discuss the deposit amount with one of Keith Andrews' experienced sales representatives and how long you want your finance agreement to run for. This way, you can determine your monthly repayment amounts, which will stay the same throughout the entire term of your agreement.

    No mileage limit.
    With Standard Financing, the number of kilometres you drive in your truck during the term of your agreement has no effect on the amount you pay every month.

    Balloon Financing.

    Balloon Financing = variable deposit + fixed monthly payments + variable balloon payment.

    This is a good option, if you want to minimise the cost per month of financing your truck for maximum cashflow flexibility.

    Lower monthly repayments.
    When you agree an increased balloon payment, you have the benefit of lower monthly repayments throughout the term of your agreement.

    No mileage limit.
    With Balloon Financing, the number of kilometres you drive in your truck during the term of your agreement has no effect on the amount you pay every month.


    Protect Your Investment.

    With a Mercedes-Benz truck insurance policy you benefit from an insurance package that's perfectly aligned to your needs and those of your company.*

    • Loss of Use cover automatically included, which is essential when you need to hire a replacement vehicle.
    • Nil excess applies to windscreens, loss or damage by fire, theft or conversion of the vehicle.
    • Comprehensive Liability package:

      - Covers liability of carriers under the Carriage of Goods Act.
      - Includes automatic cover for Consequential Loss.
      - Includes automatic cover for Removal of Debris (Clean Up).
      - If you store goods, undertake repairs, have staff or lease a building.
      - Tailored Liability package including General (Public) Liability cover.
      - Employers Liability and Fines & Penalties (Statutory) cover.

    * This information is general in nature. Please refer to the appropriate insurance policy for specific details of cover, terms and conditions. The insurer reserves the right not to accept certain vehicles and the right to issue the insurance policy subject to certain exclusions, conditions and limitations.