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The most advanced Japanese truck ever.

Our class-leading Shogun range represents the pinnacle of current, ready-for-market FUSO-Daimler engineering. 

Armed with six active safety systems, superior comfort, and an all-new powertrain with Euro 6 emissions, this new generation heavyweight is head and shoulders above its predecessors – and the competition.

Tested over 3.3 million km in Japan and 150,000km on New Zealand roads, this heavy-duty pioneer is ready to hit the ground running. With its Detroit Diesel heritage, the Euro 6 OM470 11-litre engine has that legendary torque delivery and the ability to hang in there when the going gets tough, with maximum power more or less constantly across a broad engine range. 

Recently added OM936 8-litre engine models are built to comply with JP17 (Euro 6 equivalent) emission standards. This 360hp powerplant has a high output to displacement ratio, providing efficient, effective power delivery and exceptional fuel economy, resulting in a low carbon footprint.