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Electric trucks for sale NZ

FUSO eCanter

The all-electric, zero-emission FUSO eCanter is perfectly suited to a wide range of around-town applications. Producing virtually no noise and equipped with an array of safety features, this next-generation, light-duty truck promotes environmental and social sustainability while hard at work for your business, your customers and your community.

With its fully electric drivetrain fitted to FUSO’s standard 3,400mm Canter cab chassis platform and familiar 750mm wide frame, eCanter is easy to customise whatever the job, whether that’s FMCG delivery, furniture removal, refuse and recycling, light commercial work or chilled goods delivery, to name just a few.

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Key Features

  • 100% electric drivetrain.
  • Zero on-road emissions.
  • Virtually silent operation.
  • Equipped with advanced safety systems.
  • AC or DC Fast Charger.
  • Lower running costs.
  • Easily adaptable for a range of applications.
  • 6 years / 180,000km bumper to bumper warranty.

Safety and Comfort

  • Active Emergency Braking System – helps avoid or mitigate collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles, using a radar to monitor the road ahead.
  • Lane Departure Warning System – reduces the risk of lane departure accidents, using a camera behind the windscreen to detect lane markings and trigger an alert if the vehicle crosses with no indicator.
  • Electronic Stability Control – employs multiple sensors to detect loss of steering control and apply brake force at each wheel, which aids steering control and improves stability.

Technology and Performance

  • 81kWh lithium ion battery with 100-150km range.*
  • DC Fast Charger 80% charge in 45mins / 80 mins to 100% charge.
  • AC Overnight charger utilising off peak power
  • Permanent synchronous electric motor with 135kW / 390Nm output.
  • Two-stage regenerative braking.
  • Low rolling resistance tyres maximise range.

*Fuso NZ makes no guarantee as to the specific battery range of individual eCanter trucks. Battery range will depend on a number of operational conditions, including, but not necessarily limited to, environment, topography, temperature, traffic flow, payload, accessory power draw, and other operational variances. Depending on charging cycles and the age of the vehicle and/or battery, the distance the vehicle can travel may reduce over time.





FUSO electric truck



  • Zero emissions.
  • $10 to full recharge from 20%.*
  • Qualifies for RUC exemption.
  • 100km-150km range.
  • 80% battery charge within 45mins.
  • 50% reduction in maintenance costs.
  • 135kW / 390Nm electric motor with two-stage regenerative braking.
  • GVW: 7,490kg. Optional 6,000kg for car licence.
  • Power/Torque
    135kW / 390Nm
  • Transmission
  • Wheelbase
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