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Daimler engine development improves fuel efficiency for Actros and Arocs

Stock of new Mercedes-Benz Actros and Arocs models fitted with the upgraded OM471 engine is now available at Keith Andrews. 

The third-generation OM471 13L engine has been specifically engineered to deliver improved fuel efficiency and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), said Daimler Truck Project Manager Christoph Mertens.  

“All innovations consistently aim at reducing the TCO in terms of fuel-saving, lower operating costs and higher yields, without sacrificing performance, driving dynamics or driving comfort,” said Mertens. 

The latest iteration of the OM471 uses 4% less fuel than its predecessor. To achieve these savings, Daimler engineers refined the piston recess geometry, cylinder head parameters and injection nozzles, redeveloped turbochargers and used low-viscosity oil to reduce friction loss. 

Additionally, a newly developed and integrated exhaust control system delivers more efficient combustion and AdBlue consumption, while emitting fewer C02 emissions. 

The re-engineered OM471 now has a compression ratio of 20.3:1, an increase from the second-generation’s 18.3:1 – which enables combustion with a peak ignition pressure of 250 bar. 

Because of those changes, the OM471 meets Euro 6e emissions standards, which come into effect in September 2023 and call for limitations of exhaust gas emissions over the entire normal service life of a vehicle under normal usage conditions. 

Alongside the engine, Mercedes-Benz has also introduced the PowerShift Advanced AMT, which enables faster shifting and smoother acceleration with reduced torque interruption. 

“Mercedes-Benz Trucks is pleased to continue delivering innovations that help our customers control costs in a challenging environment,” added Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia Pacific director Andrew Assimo. 

Keith Andrews Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Brand Manager James Hudson-Owen said the improved engine will only serve to strengthen the business case for an already formidable product. 

“Mercedes-Benz has a well-earned reputation for efficiency and reliability, and these latest updates will reinforce that reputation and put more money back in the pockets of hard-working Kiwi operators.” 

The third-generation OM471 is in stock across Arocs and Actros models and are available to purchase today. Get in touch with your local Keith Andrews dealership to find out more! 

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