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Daimler technology series – powertrain powerhouse

Daimler Truck AG is the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer and produces some of the most trusted brands from Europe, Asia and North America, including Mercedes-Benz, FUSO and Freightliner respectively – all proudly represented in New Zealand by Keith Andrews, the country’s largest commercial vehicle dealer.  

Collectively, the Daimler family of trucks has a reliable solution for almost every application and a broad range of budgets. While these differences meet a range of operational needs, shared R&D across the three brands means that owners and drivers are effectively getting ‘three for the price of one’ when it comes to the technology within their trucks – across performance, fuel efficiency and safety. 

This commonality also provides greater peace of mind and ease of integration when it comes to product familiarity, driver operation and parts and service supply. 

This series investigates and celebrates the benefits of being part of the Daimler Truck family

Heavy-duty engines, heavy-duty reputation 

In 2011, Daimler Truck AG introduced its all-new heavy-duty engine platform (HDEP) – a line of powerful, high-torque diesel engines with up to 90% shared parts across its three major truck brands – Mercedes-Benz, FUSO and Freightliner.  

This new range, designed with Euro 6 emission standards and above in mind, has enabled a broad range of common parts and shared R&D costs across the group. 

Mercedes-Benz and FUSO are fitted with the European-manufactured OM engine range, while Freightliner uses the US-based Detroit Diesel range (also owned by Daimler). Cross-pollination of technology within the HDEP programme has led to exceptionally high levels of efficiency and performance across the board.  

The robust HDEP engine blocks are constructed from cast iron with compacted graphite iron heads – highly resistant to temperature fluctuations – plus sturdy steel pistons, two overhead camshafts with highly efficient gearing, and a powerful engine brake. 

A high-pressure common rail fuel injection, dubbed the Amplified Common Rail Fuel System by Detroit Diesel and X-Pulse by Mercedes-Benz and FUSO, ensures exceptional fuel efficiency, while a single-stage asymmetric turbocharger saves weight and further improves performance. 

The engines also employ Daimler’s advanced BlueTech selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process in conjunction with reduced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and a diesel exhaust catalyst (DOC) to reduce emissions.  

These engines are all about precision, efficiency and performance. Efficiency is a central part of the Daimler Truck AG strategy – along with safety and connectivity, it defines the company’s role as technology leader in the sector.  

Recent developments, as featured in new FUSO Shogun models, include a new engine oil pressure control valve to reduce internal friction and improve fuel efficiency. Combined with a new, low-viscosity engine oil, operators benefit from fuel savings, longer oil drain intervals and reduced component wear. 

All HDEP engines meet stringent Euro 6 requirements – and they were meeting them three years ahead of when the regulation came into force in Europe in 2016. 

HDEP / MDEP overview: 

Engine Hp/Torque Brand Truck Model
OM473/DD16 Up to 630hp/3,000Nm  Mercedes-Benz  Actros/Arocs 
Up to 600hp/2,780Nm  Freightliner  Cascadia 126
OM471/DD13  Up to 530hp/2,600Nm  Mercedes-Benz  Actros/Arocs 
Up to 510hp/2,300Nm  Mercedes-Benz   Arocs 
Freightliner  Cascadia 116 
FUSO  Shogun 510 FV2651K 
OM470  Up to 460hp/2,220Nm  Mercedes-Benz  Actros/Arocs 
  FUSO  Shogun FV2440T/FV2540K/FV2546K/FV2446K
OM936  Up to 350hp/1,400Nm  Mercedes-Benz  Atego/Unimog/Econic 
Up to 354hp/1,400Nm  FUSO  Shogun FV2536 
OM934  Up to 230hp/900Nm  Mercedes-Benz  Atego/Unimog 
OM924  Up to 177hp/810Nm  Mercedes-Benz  Unimog 

Trailblazing transmissions 

Across the group, Daimler has focused on developing its engines and transmissions in tandem as a single, integrated drivetrain solution for maximum efficiency, fuel economy and superior on-road performance in every truck. 

The Mercedes-Benz PowerShift, FUSO ShiftPilot and Freightliner DT transmissions share a uniformity of approach that aligns directly with HDEP performance, providing dynamic real-time response, short shift times, optimal economy and low fuel consumption. 

In New Zealand, the electronic control units (ECU) of the G230 and G330 ShiftPilot automated manual transmissions (AMT) in FUSO Shogun trucks have been specifically mapped for our road network and topography. 

Fine-tuned over 160,000km of variable New Zealand roads, the ShiftPilot AMT intelligently controls gear shifts for optimal performance and fuel economy in the toughest of conditions. 

What the future looks like 

Daimler has committed to phasing out ICE technology across its range in favour of full battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell power by 2039. However, development is still planned on ICE product through to a Euro 7-compliant HDEP and MDEP range.  

The constant throughout these ongoing changes is the benefit that comes from having common parts across all three brands and large-scale production, which results in lower manufacturing costs and continued investment in the latest commercial vehicle technology for the benefit of transport operators, their customers and the communities in which they operate across the globe.