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A winning formula

Sika New Zealand is the country’s leading concrete admixture supplier. With the building boom showing no signs of slowing, the company purchased a FUSO HD FS3147 8x4 Hi-Top back in 2016 to help meet rising customer demand – and they were so impressed they have ordered another one. 

The company has operated in New Zealand since 1959 and its concrete admixture division, which produces chemicals that can be added to concrete to modify its performance, now occupies a niche in the industry.

“We’re the only admixture company in New Zealand with our own truck fleet; it’s a unique service that sets us apart from the competition.  It allows us the flexibility to meet our customer demands and deliver right product to the right place at the right time,” says Don McPike, Sika NZ Concrete Sales Representative.

Sika NZ has three trucks delivering admixtures throughout the country. The most recent addition to the fleet, an HD FS3147, hit the road two years ago to replace a 17-year old FUSO Shogun.  The new truck, with a flat deck that features a hydraulic pump in the headboard, has a tare weight of 11,200kg and has registered 39,000km on the clock making deliveries throughout the North Island.

The admixtures, which Sika New Zealand manufactures in Auckland and Christchurch, are transported in 1,000-litre IBCs. The HD carts up to 12 at a time, with a typical load anywhere from 12 to 17 tonnes.

Don describes the HD, which runs on airbag suspension, as a pleasure to drive.

“I’ve been a truck driver most of my life and still occasionally get behind the wheel when necessary. The cab is well laid out – you just jump in and drive. For what we do, the 346kW engine also has more than enough power,” he says.

“It took me a while to adjust to the automated manual transmission, but it definitely makes life easier when you’re driving around Auckland and the other drivers all enjoy it too.”

In Christchurch, the company has a five-year old FS3147 with just over 120,000km on the clock, which works as a metro delivery vehicle.

“It’s on springs and has a low-cab, but otherwise is set up pretty much exactly the same as our newest unit. It has proven to be a very reliable truck; that along with the performance of the retired Shogun, gave us the confidence to continue buying FUSO.

“It makes sense to me to have everything as one brand and hence the confidence to purchase another one. They’re just a good honest truck and they’ve never let us down.”

HD FS3147 12-speed AMT (Hi-Top)

Tare weight: 11,300kg

Power/torque: 335kW/2200Nm

Transmission: 12-speed AMT

Service intervals: 30,000km