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DUONIC – smooth, economical and ahead of the pack

A hallmark of the Fuso Canter range is the industry-leading DUONIC automated manual transmission, which lowers running costs and simplifies driving.


The highly efficient, low-maintenance DUONIC system features a dual wet clutch comprising two separate spinning multi plates lubricated by oil. These individually control odd and even gears so that the Canter’s computer can select the ‘next most appropriate gear’, which is pre-selected and instantly engaged when required. This ensures a seamless gear change with no loss of power, giving DUONIC a distinct advantage over traditional automatic transmissions, which suffer power loss through the fluid drive of a torque convertor.

To further reduce fuel consumption, up-shifting occurs earlier in heavy traffic when ‘Eco’ mode is selected. This keeps the engine operating in the most economical range.

Because DUONIC’s ratios have been developed in conjunction with Fuso’s 4P10 engine, they are matched to the power plant’s long, flat power and torque delivery. That equates to smoother driving, significant fuel savings and virtually no wear. The only maintenance required is a fluid replacement at 60,000km.

Overall, DUONIC delivers a performance that’s hard to beat.