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Feature Article

Technical Masters

Keith Andrews has some of the best techs across New Zealand and Australia. How do we know? Because we encourage them to test themselves against the best, and they continue to score at the top of the leaderboard.

Our most recent high-flying tech is Morgan Lovelace, who works at our Mercedes-Benz van dealership in Whangarei. Morgan placed in the top ten in both New Zealand and Australia – distinguishing himself ahead of a starting pack numbering in the hundreds.

“I wasn’t even sure I would pass the first round,” says Morgan, “but my day-to-day work, and the overall professional approach we apply at Keith Andrews helped me through.”

While Morgan was pleased to reach the top ten, he says he just enjoys working in “a really supportive team  – and it’s a bonus being friends with my fellow technicians!”

Keith Andrews head of service and technical, Matt Gillatt, a previous winner of the MB Truck Tech of the Year, says all staff are encouraged to upskill and test themselves against their peers.

“The more they learn, the more opportunities they get. We recognise when staff want to further themselves and will provide them with more opportunities in their work to reward that – and only through continued training can we improve our service for our customers.”