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A soft scoop of nostalgia

Beaches, baches, barbeques and… Mr. Whippy. A classic Kiwi summer isn’t complete without these iconic ingredients. But you don’t have to wait for the sun to shine to enjoy the memory of those long, carefree days – just rock up to Keith Andrews Whangārei! 

After many years of honourable service, having racked up nearly two million kilometres between them – and who knows how many soft cones for families throughout Northland – two former FUSO Canter ice cream trucks have been lovingly rescued from the scrap reaper by Keith Andrews

A Mr Whippy FUSO Canter at Keith Andrews Whangarei

One has received a reinvigorating refurb and is enjoying a comfortable retirement in the reception of the company’s Whangārei dealership. Evocative of childhood memories and endless sunny days, it is a tribute not only to beloved Kiwiana but to the broad range of applications undertaken by FUSO trucks across New Zealand. 

A Mr Whippy FUSO Canter at Keith Andrews Whangarei

In testament to the brand’s durability and reliability, the second Canter is extending its working life through Keith Andrews’ truck recycling program, which was established in 2022 to focus on dismantling end-of-life trucks for quality used parts, with the aim of establishing a full truck recycling facility over time. 

A Mr Whippy FUSO Canter at Keith Andrews Whangarei

It may have served its last scoop, but the 1986 Mitsubishi Canter FE 444 FXSR has been carefully stripped of usable parts and will be supporting the work of stablemates from FUSO’s light-duty truck range that are still out on the road. 

It just goes to show you needn’t write these old timers off. Some still have plenty to give, while others might just be happy to share their history with anyone who’s interested. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal either way – anyone want a flake with that?