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Production of eCascadia set for 2022

Cascadia is America’s best-selling heavy-duty truck and has just launched in New Zealand. Now it’s going electric!

Freightliner has announced that production of the groundbreaking eCascadia will begin mid-2022.

Extensive testing has seen eCascadia clock up nearly 1.5 million km on North American roads. Rated at 40T GVM, the truck is 100% battery powered and features an all-electric Detroit ePowertrain capable of up to 525hp and a range of 400km.

Key to the efficiency and overall performance of the electric powertrain are the unique Detroit® eAxles. By integrating an electric motor, transmission and specialised electronics within a compact unit, the eAxle can directly and efficiently power the truck’s wheels. 

Two eAxle designs can be combined to provide versatility for different applications – dual motor (360hp / 31,183Nm) and single motor (180hp / 15,591Nm).

The Detroit ePowertrain’s electric axle design provides maximum torque to get loads moving as well as quick, smooth acceleration on the road.

Battery recharge times have been minimised to achieve from zero to 80% charge in as little as 90 minutes.

Other design innovations include a sloped hood for better driver visibility, an ergonomic wraparound dash, an intelligent suspension that lowers at speed to reduce drag and industry-leading aerodynamics.

Freightliner is prepared to create and sustain the building blocks customers need to transition to battery electric trucks, which removes a major roadblock for haulage operators interested in sustainable transport.


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