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Herbie goes the distance!

Driver trainer Herbie Dalton is a bonafide Keith Andrews legend and has been recognised as such by the Road Transport Forum, which presented him with a certificate in celebration of his outstanding contribution to the industry over 58 years.

Herbie joined Keith Andrews Auckland at its very beginning. Even at 78, he still enjoys what he does.

“I guess when you get to my age, you’ll be on the white flag lap at some stage, but I’m happy to keep going because it’s a great company to work for,” says Herbie. “I’ve always had great admiration for Keith Andrews and they’ve treated me well. I’ve no doubt that Keith would be bloody proud to see what’s been accomplished.”

Much has changed in the trucking industry since Herbie started – with technology continuing to drive innovation. He reckons tubeless tyres are “the greatest thing that ever happened” and is impressed at the high level of safety you find today.

As a driver trainer, Herbie has had to guide some of the older hands through these changes - a challenge he relishes.

“Auto transmissions were always thought to be no good in trucks. Well, I’ll tell you what - one of the best parts of my job is getting a guy from my era who is convinced autos aren’t for him. Once you spend time with them, even the hardest characters admit it’s not bad - and that’s when you know you’ve got them!”

Nick Leggett, chief executive of the Road Transport Forum (RTF), said: “From time to time, the RTF acknowledges people who have gone above and beyond with their contribution to the road freight transport industry.

“We are thrilled to recognise Herbie for an incredible career, helping to move the New Zealand economy. Like many in our industry he started as a truck driver and progressed through despatch, sales and management.

“We are especially pleased to see Herb passing on his knowledge via driver training. Driving a truck is more than holding that piece of paper that is the licence. It is essential that those coming through the ranks get the benefit of the wisdom and insight from people like Herbie.”

Herbie’s seen it all, done most of it and now has the recognition that he deserves.


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