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GenH2 granted crucial test approval

Mercedes-Benz has been granted approval from German authorities to test the enhanced prototype of the hydrogen-based fuel-cell GenH2 truck on public roads.

Daimler Trucks can now get the hydrogen powered vehicle on the road, and will begin testing on the B462 near Rastatt in Germany.

Engineers hope the vehicle will achieve ranges of up to 1,000 kilometres and more without stopping to refuel. The GenH2 will use liquid hydrogen as opposed to gaseous hydrogen, which will allow it to carry a higher payload due to the lighter fuel load.

Mercedes-Benz hopes to hand the first series-produced GenH2 truck to customers in 2027 and wants to offer only carbon-neutral new vehicles to customers in Europe, Japan and North America by 2039.

With considerable investment and focus into the development of hydrogen for fuel within NZ, Kiwi operators may be well placed to take advantage of these vehicles if or when they reach this side of the world.