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Celebrating the man behind the name

On Saturday, 23 November, warm, sunny weather provided conditions that might once have seen Keith Andrews heading out on the water to enjoy some sailing, fishing, or diving. On this occasion, more than 400 people came together at Marsden Cove Marina to remember and celebrate the many facets of his life.

With memories and stories shared, the event was one of respect, warm reflection and laughter.

Various speakers from every aspect of his life captured a man driven to succeed, focused on others’ achievements and ambitions as much as his own, and very much dedicated to the happiness and security of his beloved family.

Vicki Andrews  

“Keith had a plan, and nothing stopped him from achieving what he set out to do. This is how it was for the rest of his life.”

Kurtis Andrews

“My dad lived to work. He was often there from dusk till dawn. He lived and breathed work. However, it wasn’t considered work to him — he absolutely loved it.

“He loved the thrill of business and the opportunities that would present themselves when he worked hard and set goals. As he always said, he wanted to be the best.”

Leon Grandy — Director and chairman, Keith Andrews Holdings

“Despite the mask of control, and the measured response of Keith, I know he was incredibly proud and humbled by the support of his family, friends, customers, and his work family. Everyone’s attendance here today shows us that the respect and aroha was reciprocated.

“I know that Keith was even prouder of his children’s achievements and personal happiness than he was of the businesses achievements. I knew he admired Vicki and her untiring support.

“Ultimately, Keith’s aspirations were only ever for his family – for their happiness and their wellbeing.”

Jason Chambers — Keith Andrews Trucks Group Service Manager

“Keith really cared about his staff. He made us feel valued and was incredibly generous.”

“Keith pulled people up with him. As the business grew, he didn’t necessarily look for outside help, he looked to his current staff first.”

Ilan Elad — Director of Global Sales Operations, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation

“For all of you who have worked with Keith all his life, you know his passion and love for trucks. For us at Daimler, it was majestic, and it was magnetic.”