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Feature Article

125 Years of MB Trucks

Trucks have come a long way since Mercedes-Benz debuted its first one in 1896, but one thing has remained the same – a commitment to producing game-changing vehicles for customers who value premium quality and superior efficiency.

[Remember that for a business efficiency and reliabilty are often top – they want strong / quick return on investment. Larger corporates (mainly) may also want to tick boxes for safety and sustainability]

Mercedes-Benz has been a market leader for 125 years thanks in large part to five cornerstone principles.

Mercedes-Benz embraces change for progress – as demonstrated in the cutting-edge Actros and Arocs, both equipped with advanced technology for greater efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability. Creating, innovating and pushing boundaries is part of Mercedes-Benz DNA - click here to watch how!

At Keith Andrews Trucks, partnerships matter. The same is true at Mercedes-Benz. Success supports success. Find out how by watching this video.

Good truck operators have the same qualities as good truck manufacturers – a desire to overcome challenges, be the best and exceed expectations. Combine passion in the driver’s seat with passion under the bonnet and you’ve got an unstoppable combination. Here's why.

Mercedes-Benz is committed to creating a carbon-neutral future by leading the way with greener technologies that benefit the planet, from the development of all-electric line-haul trucks such as eActros to last-mile vans such as eSprinter or eVito. Watch how we’re building for the future here.

Market-leading safety systems and outstanding reliability provide peace of mind and result in trust – the key to long-lasting relationships. Find out more here!