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Zetros. Take it to the extreme.

Combining rugged off-road capability with high payloads, Zetros represents a proven cab-behind-engine option for medium to heavy-duty applications in extreme conditions.

Zetros is available in a 4x4 configuration with a 4,800mm wheelbase, 6x4 with 4,500mm wheelbase, or 6x6 with 4,800mm or 5,100mm wheelbase.

Chassis weight varies from 8.1t to 11.5t, with a GVM from 16t to 36t (with trailer brake) or 40t (without trailer brake). Standard body length measures 5.1m on the two-axle model and 6.2m on the three-axle variants. Other dimensions may be available on request.


Off-road – in its element.

Permanent all-wheel drive, a two-speed transfer case, fully automatic torque converter, and high-traction tyres with optional pressure control ensure safe and secure performance on all types of terrain.

Differential locks at the front and rear axles, and in the transfer, case come as standard, with a crawler gear for climbing steep gradients.

The position of the cab minimises jolts and impacts, as well as subduing cab motion, for significant ride comfort.

Back on the road, Zetros exhibits smooth handling characteristics.


All-terrain power and performance.

All engine and drivetrain components are designed and manufactured to withstand the most demanding off-road operations, while the transmission and engine cooling systems are trimmed for improved performance in extreme climates.

The 7.2-litre Euro 5 OM926 engine has a maximum output of 326hp (240kW) and 1,300Nm peak torque in the 1200-1600rpm range.

Standard G131 auto transmission. The hydraulic Mercedes-Benz G131 automatic transmission provides finely graded power through eight forward gears and a short-ratio crawler gear – a solid armoury with which to take on the toughest terrain.

Optional Allison transmission for enhanced performance. The six-speed Allison automatic transmission with torque converter delivers smooth gear changes without interruption of tractive power for improved safety and performance.


Safety – at the root of Mercedes-Benz DNA.

The arrangement of the driver’s area behind the front axle and the suspension tuning combine to form a secure work station from which to tackle difficult conditions away from sealed roads.

The low seat position behind the front axle affords both driver and co-driver an optimal angle of vision of the terrain ahead.

Protection off-road.

  • Protective grilles over front lights.
  • Fold-up rear underride guard.
  • Radiator underride guard.